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October 17, 2008

Tennis – WTT Event at Kennesaw State 10/12/08

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As a huge fan of the sport, I managed to hustle my way into a press pass for the charity event that featured Elton John, Billie Jean King, Andy Roddick, Martina Navratilova, and others.  My initial intention was to speak with one of the participants on my radio show and help promote the event which raises money for the Elton John Aids Foundation, but I can confirm that I was partially motivated to simply enjoy the day as a fan.  And I did. In the press room, I was one of only 20 people or so with cameras and notepads. Richard Eldredge from the AJC got things started with facts about the current state of the AIDS crisis locally and Elton John confirmed that all of the money raised would stay in our community in the South.  (It was at that moment that I was thankful I did not set my ringtone to Crocodile Rock, have the volume on high and get a perfectly timed call from Kim or Danielle who were lurking in the hallway. It’s rare they get a day pass from their husbands on the weekend and it would have ruined it for all of us.) There was another question from a student about the foundation. (Yep. Standing against the back wall and humming the tune to Rocket Man would have certainly resulted in Miss Monet being escorted from the campus.) Finally, Monica Pearson added a playful question to the mix which changed the vibe in the room. The players were teasing one another, the crowd was relaxed. I had found the courage to speak up. I said it once more in my mind with a playful inflection, “If any of you would like to play on my Mixed Winter ALTA team, I’m pretty tight with the captain and we’d welcome you to the roster” when the press conference was over. I barely managed to take this photo and then I began drinking free mimosas.


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