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January 18, 2009

Celine Forever

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celinedion.0118I took Murphy to Celine Dion’s concert last night in Atlanta. Celine photos. Let me also say that she couldn’t really tell her friends we were going because I didn’t actually have the tickets until 8:30pm last night. I promised her the tickets for Christmas but didn’t actually have them in hand. I printed out a black and white photo from Celine online and made it into a Christmas card that I gave in lieu of an actual gift. Feel my panic? Thankfully, my contact came thru Saturday afternoon and Murphy couldn’t have been more thrilled when we were escorted to our 6th row seats. I settled in and looked at the crowd. It was just as I expected…older, mostly white…with sprinkling of gay guys. Two beautiful men in the front row with their tight black t shirts on – one said Celine and the other Dion – work it boys.Celine is animated and a first class performer. My favorite moments were when she worked the cameras…her feigned surprise that the fans were embracing her every move. The entire arena was silent during her acapellas. Our favorite moment, when she exits the stage after the show and walks thru the crowd with a look of “you are still here? I cannot believe it. I thought I would just go to my dressing room this way. Hello to you and you. Thank you for coming.” While she is a master of working the room and extremely animated, the contrived looks of dismay added to the theatrics of the show. She is a pro and seems like she feels genuinely blessed to be able to receive such a warm response. I knew most of the songs and even caught myself singing along. Merci beaucoup, Celine.


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